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Our Areas of Expertise

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in cases spanning the full gamut of legal issues from immigration to juvenile defense to family law. Most of our cases fall into one of the following areas:

Divorce Representation - We have vast experience representing both men and women in Utah divorce proceedings. Our goal as your divorce attorneys is to make sure your interests are protected in terms of property, alimony, child support, and child custody. We are well connected to procure services such as therapists, forensic accountants, and investigators as needed.

Criminal Defense - Whether you're accused of violating Utah or Federal law, we have an exemplary record of getting our clients acquittal, dismissal of charges, or greatly reduced charges. We understand how prosecutors think because many of our attorneys used to be prosecutors.

DUI Defense - If you've been charged with DUI it's important that you contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible as every detail of the stop could be significant for your defense. We've handled hundreds of DUI defense cases and more often than not we get the charge reduced or the case dismissed.

Immigration Law - As immigration lawyers, we represent some of the most vulnerable clients in Utah. We will listen to you with compassion and fight for you with tenacity. We've succeeded in many cases involving deportation, citizenship, detention, visas, and much more.

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Many legal issues are time sensitive so it's important that you waste no time before contacting us for a no cost evaluation of your case. We'll discuss the legal terrain ahead of you and payment structure should you decide to retain us as your attorneys. Our main office is in Salt Lake City, but we take clients from all over the state of Utah and Las Vegas.

At Sharifi and Baron, Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to helping clients get the most favorable results in their court cases quickly so they can get on with their lives. Our attorneys are skilled in all areas of criminal and civil law in Utah. We have a reputation for being tenacious in the court room and for winning our cases. Let our experience and reputation serve you.

Why Choose Us as Your Attorneys?

We are experienced.

The Attorneys at Sharifi & Baron have handled hundreds of cases and won victories for our clients throughout the legal spectrum, including DUI cases in Utah, and those facing criminal charges.

We are aggressive.

From winning acquittals in major felonies, to winning custody of children in heated divorce cases, to recovering money from the Social Security Administration for clients that have previously been denied, our attorneys have an impressive history of victories across the legal spectrum.

We are reliable.

We strive to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours. If you have any questions, one of our attorneys is always standing by to take your call!

Our Commitment to Our Clients

When you hire us as your lawyers, you're our highest priority. At Sharifi and Baron, Attorneys at Law we don't play numbers games like many attorneys do - fighting for you up until the point where it's no longer worth their time. If we take you as a client, we'll represent you with the same passion you'd use to represent yourself and we'll consult with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

If we believe it will be in your best interest to take a settlement or plea deal, we'll recommend it to you, but you don't get the reputation we have by pulling the cord too early. This reputation will serve you well in court. When opponents see they're up against attorneys who will fight through to judgement and can win, they are often more accommodating with their offers and more likely to drop their cases altogether. With your case, it's not just your life on the line, it's our reputation too.

Study our recent victories for yourself. You'll see why a name can have so much impact in the legal world.

How are we able to win so many of our cases?

  • Our attorneys have unsurpassed knowledge of Utah and Federal law. We've studied tirelessly for this knowledge and we use it every day to help our clients.

  • We understand the legal environment in Utah. We know how judges tend to rule in certain types of cases. We know our opposing counsel. We understand the kinds of arguments that work and don't work for Utah juries.

  • We are willing to stick our necks out a little farther than the other guy. We're competitive by nature and often our opponents will bargain just because they can see we aren't afraid to see the case through to the very end.

  • Each of our attorney's has a great deal of trial experience. This means we are able to see opportunities and pitfalls others might miss. We pay meticulous attention to detail and we understand how to make our arguments clearly and powerfully.